Bayesian Semi-supervised learning under nonparanormality

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Semi-supervised learning is a classification method which makes use of both labeled data and unlabeled data for training. In this paper, we propose a semi-supervised learning algorithm using a Bayesian semi-supervised model. We make a general assumption that the observations will follow two multivariate normal distributions depending on their true labels after the same unknown transformation. We use B-splines to put a prior on the transformation function for each component. To use unlabeled data in a semi-supervised setting, we assume the labels are missing at random. The posterior distributions can then be described using our assumptions, which we compute by the Gibbs sampling technique. The proposed method is then compared with several other available methods through an extensive simulation study. Finally we apply the proposed method in real data contexts for diagnosing breast cancer and classify radar returns. We conclude that the proposed method has better prediction accuracy in a wide variety of cases.

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Code for Bayesian Semi-supervised learning under nonparanormality